I'm | An Engineering Student. A Community Leader. A Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. A CS50 Teacher. An Inspired Learner. An Effective Practitioner.

Open Source Advocate

A Linux boy, who always loves to adopt FOSS and Open Source as a whole. Being so, it's no doubt he speaks plus on the flexibility and freedom.

Community Builder, AskBuddie

As a community leader, it's always important for him to focus on engagement and contributions while also empowering members in reach.

Liaison, LibreOffice Nepal Community

Accepted as a Liaison, he is after fostering the adoption and growth of Open Source as a whole. Particularly LibreOffice, being a fun project is his first choice.

Involvement and Achievements

Driven creator. Innovator with global impact. Recognized for transformative accomplishments.

AI/ML Aspirant
Robotics Trainer
Canva Tutor
PR & Outreach Expert
Graphics Designer
Content Writer



Proficient in C/C++ programming, with a focus on efficient algorithms and data structures.


Skilled in Python development, leveraging its versatility to build practical solutions and automation tools.



Experienced in Arduino projects, creating interactive and embedded systems for real-world applications.


Experienced in 3D modeling and animation using Blender, bringing ideas to life through visual creativity.


Proficient in Figma, transforming design concepts into intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces.


Proficient in KiCAD, designing and prototyping electronic circuits for various hardware projects.


Expressing my thoughts in a few words.

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Circuit Designing

Circuit Designing, Microcontrollers, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are interconnected fields that have revolutionized the world of electronics and technology.
Circuit Designing involves creating schematic diagrams and layouts to design electronic circuits that perform specific functions. It is a fundamental skill in electronics engineering, allowing engineers to create complex systems and devices, from simple circuits to advanced integrated circuits.

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Microcontrollers, as mentioned earlier, are compact computing devices crucial for controlling and automating processes within electronic systems. They serve as the brain of countless applications, ranging from household appliances and automotive systems to medical devices and industrial machinery. Microcontrollers offer versatile programmability, making them ideal for diverse applications, from simple automation to complex robotics projects.

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Internet of Things

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IoT, on the other hand, refers to the vast network of interconnected devices and objects that communicate with each other over the internet. It leverages microcontrollers and circuit designing to enable seamless data exchange and automation between devices, leading to smart homes, cities, industries, and wearable technologies. IoT enhances efficiency by connecting and enabling communication between various devices, leading to smart and interconnected systems.

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Expressing my thoughts in a few words.


Robotics in Nepal

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Suraj Bhattarai



Machine Learning

ML algorithms analyse and interpret patterns in data, making predictions, and providing insights, leading to applications such as personalized Read More

Suraj Bhattarai



Artificial Intelligence

AI is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines capable of performing tasks that typically require humans Read More

Suraj Bhattarai


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